Psalm 71:1-24

71  In you, Jehovah, I take refuge;forever let me not be disappointed. 2  In your right-doing deliver me and bring me through;turn your ear toward me and save me. 3  Be a citadel rock for me,a fastness house to save me,because you are my cliff and fastness. 4  My God, bring me off out of a wrong-doer’s hands,out of the clutch of an unscrupulous and unjust man. 5  For you are my hope, Lord;Jehovah has been my confidence from my childhood; 6  On you I have propped myself ever since my birth;it was you that severed me from my mother’s body;for you is my constant praise. 7  I rate like a miracle for many,and you are my sheltering refuge. 8  My mouth shall be filled with your praiseand your magnificence all day. 9  Do not throw me away at the time of old age,when my strength gives out do not abandon me, 10  For my enemies are saying of meand those who watch for my life are conferring together, 11  Saying “God has abandoned him;give chase and catch him, for there is nobody to deliver him.” 12  God, do not be far off from me;my God, hasten to my help. 13  Let those who are adversaries to my life be disappointed, give out;let those who are looking for harm to me be wrapped in ignominy and humiliation. 14  But I will be always in expectationand be adding to all your praise; 15  My mouth shall tell the story of your right-doingand your salvation all day,For I do not know books, 16  I am bringing the Lord Jehovah’s exploits,I commemorate your right-doing, yours alone. 17  God, you have taught me since my childhood,and down to now I am telling your wonderful deeds; 18  And even to old age and gray hair,God, do not abandon me,Till I tell of your arm to a generation that is coming. 19  Your might and your right-doing, God, are most high,Forasmuch as you have done great things.God, who is like you? 20  You who have showed us distresses many and grievouswill again bring us to lifeand again bring us up from the deeps of the earth. 21  Give me much greatness,comfort me more and more. 22  I on my part will give thanks to you,with a harp to your faithfulness, my God,Will make music for you with a lyre,Holy One of Israel. 23  My lips shall carolbecause I am making music for you,and my soul, which you have redeemed. 24  My tongue too all dayshall deal with your right-doing,Because shamed are they, abashed are they,who seek harm for me.