Psalm 40:1-17

(Of the Director; of David’s; a psalm.) 40  I rested my hope in Jehovahand he bent toward me and heard my cry 2  And took me up out of a pit of ruin,out of quagmire mud,And set my feet to stand erect on a crag,made my tread sure, 3  And put in my mouth a new song,praise to our God;Many will see and fearand rest secure in Jehovah. 4  Happy the man who has made Jehovah his relianceand not turned toward pretenders and lie-peddlers. 5  Many are your wonders that you,Jehovah my God, have done,And your conceptions for uscannot be listed for you;Would I state and recite them,they are beyond telling the story. 6  Sacrifice and grain-offering you did not care for;ears you gave me.Burnt-offering and sin-offering you did not ask; 7  Then I said “Here I come,I have my instructions in a book.” 8  I mean to do your pleasure, my God,and I have your instructions in my bosom. 9  I have told the news of right-doingin a great assembly;Here, I do not lock up my lips,Jehovah, you know. 10  I have not covered up your right-doing inside my heart;I have told your faithfulness and your salvation;I have not concealed your friendship and loyaltyin a great assembly. 11  And you, Jehovah,will not lock up your sympathy from me;Your friendship and loyaltywill keep me always. 12  For evils have enveloped me beyond measure,my misdeeds have overtaken me and I cannot see,There are more of them than of hairs on my head,and my heart has left me. 13  Be pleased to deliver me, Jehovah;Jehovah, hasten to my help. 14  Let those be disappointed and abashed togetherwho are looking for my life to sweep it away;Let those fall back and be humiliatedwho would like harm for me. 15  Let those stand aghast as they look back on their disappointment who are saying “Oho, oho!” 16  Let all who go in quest of yoube joyous and merry in you;Let those who love your salvationsay all the time “Jehovah is showing himself great!” 17  And me, insignificant and needy,may the Lord have me in mind;You are my help and deliverer;my God, do not delay.