Psalm 84:1-12

(Of the Director; to the Gittith; of the sons of Korah; a psalm.) 84  How lovable your dwelling-places are,Jehovah of Armies! 2  My soul yearns, yes, breaks down with its eagerness for Jehovah’s courts;my heart and flesh shout toward living Deity. 3  Even a little bird has found a house,and a swallow a nest for herself,That has placed her brood by your altars,Jehovah of Armies, my King and my God. 4  Happy those who live at your house;they will keep praising you. (Selah) 5  Happy are men who have strength in you,who have highways at heart, 6  Those who pass through Baca Valemaking it a region of springs,even pools that fall rain overspreads. 7  They go on from good times to good times;Deity, God, is to be seen at Sion. 8  Jehovah, God, Armies, hear my prayer; [Selah]give ear, God of Jacob: 9  See our shield, God,and look at the face of your anointed. 10  For a day in your courts is better than a thousand;I had rather be at the threshold of the house of my Godthan lodge in tents of wickedness. 11  For our God Jehovah is a sun and shield;Jehovah will give grace and glory,will not withhold good from those who go by a good conscience. 12  Jehovah of Armies,happy the man that puts confidence in you.