Psalm 33:1-22

33  Sing a carol of Jehovah, right-doers;praise is glorious work for straightforward men. 2  Sing thanks to Jehovah with a lyre,with a ten-stringed harp make music for him, 3  Sing a new song for him,make the strings ring well! 4  For Jehovah’s word is straightforwardand all his work is done on honor. 5  He loves honesty and justice;the earth is full of Jehovah’s friendliness. 6  By Jehovah’s word the sky was made,and all its legions by the breath of his mouth. 7  He masses up the water of the sea like a heap of grain,puts the deeps in storerooms. 8  Let all the earth stand in fear of Jehovah,all the inhabitants of the world quail before him, 9  Because he said, and there it was,he gave an order and there it stood. 10  Jehovah foils the policies of nations,blocks the plans of peoples; 11  Jehovah’s policies stand forever,the plans in his heart to generation after generation. 12  Happy the nation that has Jehovah for its God,the people that he chose as his estate! 13  From heaven Jehovah looks,sees all the sons of man. 14  From his firm seat he observesall the inhabitants of the earth, 15  He who framed their hearts one and all,who understands all their doings. 16  Never is the king saved by greatness of forces;a champion is not delivered by greatness of strength. 17  The pony is an illusion for preservation,and, with all its energy, it does not bring one safe off. 18  Jehovah’s eye is toward those who fear him,those who rest their expectations on his friendliness, 19  To deliver their lives from deathand to maintain them in time of famine. 20  Our souls are waiting for Jehovah;he is our help and our shield; 21  For our hearts are glad in himbecause we have confidence in his hallowed name. 22  Let your friendship be over us, Jehovah,as we rest our expectations on you.