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Bible Verses Explained

Discover the real meaning of popular Bible verses and phrases. Learn the background of the verses as you read them in their context. Deepen your understanding with the help of explanatory footnotes and cross-references.

Genesis 1:1 Explained​—“In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth”

What two important truths are stated in this opening passage of the Bible?

Exodus 20:12 Explained​—“Honor Your Father and Your Mother”

By adding a promise to the command, God gave an additional incentive for obeying it.

Joshua 1:9 Explained​—“Be Strong and Courageous”

How can you find courage and strength in the face of challenging circumstances and overwhelming obstacles?

Psalm 23:4 Explained​—“Though I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death”

Even during the darkest days of their life, how do worshippers of God experience his protective care?

Proverbs 3:5, 6 Explained​—“Lean Not on Your Own Understanding”

How can you show that you trust in God more than in yourself?

Isaiah 40:31 Explained​—“Those Hoping in Jehovah Will Regain Power”

Why do the Scriptures compare a soaring eagle to a person who receives strength from God?

Isaiah 41:10 Explained—​“Fear Not, For I Am With You”

Jehovah uses three expressions that assure his loyal worshippers of his support.

Isaiah 42:8 Explained​—“I Am the LORD”

What personal name did God choose to give himself?

Jeremiah 29:11 Explained—​“I Know the Plans I Have for You”

Does God have a specific plan for each person?

Matthew 6:33 Explained​—“Seek First the Kingdom of God”

Did Jesus mean that Christians do not need to work for a living?

Matthew 6:34 Explained​—“Do Not Worry About Tomorrow”

Jesus did not mean that we should avoid planning for the future.

Mark 1:15 Explained​—“The Kingdom of God Is at Hand”

Did Jesus mean that the Kingdom had already begun ruling?

John 1:1 Explained​—“In the Beginning Was the Word”

This scripture reveals details about the life of Jesus Christ before he came to earth as a human.

John 3:16 Explained​—“For God So Loved the World”

How did Jehovah God show that he loves each of us and wants us to live forever?

John 14:6 Explained​—“I Am the Way and the Truth and the Life”

Why must a person who wants to worship Jehovah recognize the vital role of Jesus?

John 16:33 Explained​—“I Have Overcome the World”

How do Jesus’ words reassure his followers that they can succeed in pleasing God?

Romans 5:8 Explained​—“While We Were Still Sinners, Christ Died for Us”

Since humans tend to think and act in ways that go against God’s righteous standards, how can we enjoy a good relationship with God now and in the everlasting future?

Romans 10:13 Explained​—“Call Upon the Name of the Lord”

God extends to all people the opportunity to be saved and gain everlasting life, regardless of their nationality, race, or social status.

Philippians 4:6, 7 Explained​—“Do Not Be Anxious About Anything”

What forms of prayer can help worshippers of God relieve worry and receive inner peace?

Philippians 4:13 Explained​—“I Can Do All Things Through Christ”

What did the apostle Paul mean when he wrote that he would receive strength “for all things”?