Psalm 24:1-10

(Of David’s; a psalm.) 24  To Jehovah belong the earth and all it holds,the world and those who live in it, 2  Because it was he laid its foundations on seasand seats it firm on streams. 3  Who shall go up on Jehovah’s mountain,and who stand up in his sacred place? 4  A man of innocent hands and single heart,one who has never planned a quibble nor sworn a fraudulent oath, 5  Shall obtain a blessing from Jehovahand vindication from his saving God. 6  This is the generation of those who go to Jehovah,who look for the face of Jacob’s Deity. (Selah) 7  Raise up, gates, your heads,be raised, ancient doors,for the King of Glory to enter! 8  Who is that, the King of Glory?Jehovah, potent and doughty,Jehovah, doughty in battle! 9  Raise up, gates, your heads,raise them, ancient doors,for the King of Glory to enter! 10  Who is that, this King of Glory?Jehovah of Armies,he is the King of Glory. [Selah]