Psalm 17:1-15

(A prayer of David’s.) 17  Hear a just cause, Jehovah, listen to my appeal,give ear to my prayer not made with cheating lips. 2  From before you let judgment issue on my behalf;let your eyes take cognizance of equity. 3  You have tested me, examined me at night,assayed me; you will not find viciousness of mine;My mouth shall not pass over 4  for deeds of man.By the words of your lips I have keptfrom ruffian’s paths. 5  Steady my steps in your roads;let me not lose my footing. 6  I call to you, because you will answer me, God:bend your ear to me, hear my say. 7  Do acts of special friendship,you who by your right hand save from adversaries men who take refuge in you. 8  Guard me like the apple of your eye,screening me in the shadow of your wings, 9  From criminals who have assaulted me,my enemies who greedily surround me. 10  Their heart is tallow, their chest is blubber;they talk with a swagger. 11  They eye us, they surround us now,they fix their eyes on the country. 12  What he is like is a lion eager to make a kill,a two-year-old lion sitting in a covert. 13  Up, Jehovah, meet him face to face;put him down; preserve my life, 14  Your sword preserve it from a ruffian, your hand from men, Jehovah,from men whose part in life is earthly,Whose stomach you fill with your stores; they have all the sons they want,lay down their surplus for their youngsters. 15  As for me, by integrity I shall gaze on your face;at waking I shall look at your form as much as I please.