Psalm 36:1-12

(Of the Director; of Jehovah’s servant; of David’s.) 36  Quoth a knave, “I have it at heart to be wicked”;dread of God is nowhere within his sight, 2  Because, to his mind, he has made it slippery for himto find out his guilt, to hate it. 3  The words of his mouth are villainy and fraud;he rules out doing anything sensible or good; 4  He thinks up villainy as he lies in bed,takes his stand on a road that is not good,does not keep out of anything bad. 5  Jehovah, your friendliness is in the skies,your faithfulness up to the heavens, 6  Your fairness is like God’s mountains,your justice is the great deep;man and beast you save, Jehovah. 7  How priceless is your friendship, God!and mankind take refuge in the shadow of your wings. 8  They shall be refreshed with the rich flow of your houseand you will give them the stream of your nectar to drink. 9  For with you is the source of life;by your shining we see light. 10  Keep up your friendship to those who know youand your fairness to men of sincere heart. 11  Let the feet of pride not come in to meand the hands of wrong-doers not dislodge me. 12  Doers of villainy have fallen there;they are dashed down and cannot get up.