Psalm 26:1-12

(Of David’s.) 26  Do justice for me, Jehovah, because I go sincerelyand put an unfaltering trust in Jehovah. 2  Test me, Jehovah, and try me,probe my heart and brain, 3  Because I have your friendship before my eyesand walk by your good faith, 4  I have not taken my seat with disorderly menand do not go in with underhanded men, 5  I hate a coterie of evil-doersand will not live with knaves. 6  I will wash my hands in innocenceand go round your altar, Jehovah, 7  To sound the voice of thanksgivingand tell the story of all your wonders. 8  Jehovah, I love the site of your house,the place where your glory is tabernacled. 9  Do not sweep away my life with sinners,with murderers my being, 10  Who have misdeeds in handand their fists full of bribes. 11  But I go sincerely;redeem me, Jehovah, and be gracious to me. 12  My foot is standing on level ground;in assembled throngs I will bless Jehovah.