Psalm 148:1-14

148  Praise Jehovah!Praise Jehovah out of the skies,praise him high aloft: 2  Praise him, all his angels,praise him, all his legions; 3  Praise him, sun and moon,praise him, all stars of light; 4  Praise him, sky of the sky,and waters above the sky! 5  Let them praise Jehovah’s name,because he commanded and they were created, 6  And he set them to stand forever and aye,set a rule that they were not to violate. 7  Praise Jehovah from the earth,sea monsters and all deeps, 8  Fire and hail, snow and black cloud,tempest-wind carrying out his word, 9  The mountains and all hills,fruit trees and all cedars, 10  The beasts and all cattle,reptiles and winged birds, 11  Earth’s kings and every folk,captains and all earth’s judges, 12  Young men, and maidens too,old men with boys! 13  Let them praise Jehovah’s name,because his name alone towers high,his majesty is over earth and skies, 14  And he has given a high horn to his people,praise to all the men of his friendship,To Israel’s sons,a people near to him.Praise Jehovah!