Psalm 99:1-9

99  Jehovah is king! let peoples quake!he is enthroned on cherubs; let the earth swing! 2  Jehovah is great in Sion,and lofty is he over all the peoples. 3  Let them praise your name as great and terrible.Holy is he. 4  And royal might loves justice;you have set uprightness firm;you have done the just and right thing by Jacob. 5  Exalt our God Jehovahand do reverence at his footstool;holy is he. 6  Moses and Aaron among his priestsand Samuel among those who call on his nameCalled to Jehovah and he answered them; 7  in a pillar of cloud he spoke to them;They heard his lessons, and an institution he gave them. 8  Jehovah, our God, you did answer them,You were to them a pardoning Deityand one who took vengeance for their misbehavior. 9  Exalt our God Jehovahand do reverence at his sacred mountain,for holy is our God Jehovah!