Psalm 60:1-12

(Of the Director; to “Lily of Witness”; a mictam of David’s, to teach; in his struggle with the Syrians of Mesopotamia and of Sobah, when Joab came back and defeated the Edomites in Salt Valley, killing twelve thousand.) 60  You have repudiated us, God, broken us through;you were angry; you should restore us. 2  You have shaken earth, cracked it open;heal its breaks, for it is giving way. 3  You have shown your people a hard sight,have given us a staggering drink of wine. 4  You have given those who fear you a standardto rally in the face of bows. (Selah) 5  So that your darlings may be deliveredhold out your right hand and answer us. 6  God spoke in his sanctuary:“I will triumph, will divide Shekem,will measure off Succoth Vale; 7  Gilead is mine and Manasseh is mine,and Ephraim is the keep of my head;Judah is my baton. 8  Moab is my bathtub,on Edom I throw my sandal,over Philistia are my hurrahs.” 9  Who will bring me to a city for a siege?who has led me through to Edom? 10  Have not you, God, repudiated us?and you do not go out, God, in our campaigns. 11  Give us help from a foe—human salvation is futile. 12  Through God we shall play a sturdy part,and he himself will trample down our foes.