Psalm 35:1-28

(Of David’s.) 35  Oppose those who oppose me, Jehovah!combat those who combat me! 2  Grasp buckler and shieldand stand up in my behalf, 3  Take out spear and battle-axto meet my pursuers;Say to my soul“I am your salvation.” 4  Let those who are after my lifebe disappointed and humiliated;Let those who plan harm to mefall back and be abashed; 5  Let them be like chaff before a wind,with Jehovah’s angel pushing them, 6  Let their road be darkness and slippery rocks,with Jehovah’s angel chasing them, 7  Because without a motive they laid their net for me,sunk a pitfall for my life. 8  An unexpected storm shall come upon himand the net that he laid catch himself,into the pit he shall fall, 9  And my soul shall jubilate in Jehovah,shall rejoice in his salvation. 10  All my bones shall say“Jehovah, who is like you,Deliverer of a downtrodden man from a stronger,a man downtrodden and needy from the one who robs him?” 11  Malicious accusers stand up,ask me things that I do not know about, 12  Repay me evil for good,childlessness to my soul. 13  But I when they were sick had had a sackcloth for my clothing, had crushed down my appetite with fasting,—and my prayer shall come back into my own lap. 14  I walked as if it were a friend, a brother of mine;I went stooping and in black like one in mourning for a mother. 15  But at my breaking down they rejoiced and came together, smiters came together against me and I did not know it,They assailed me and were not quiet. 16  When I was smitten, what they did was to make fun,to grind their teeth at me. 17  Lord, how long will you look on?bring my life back from the roaring lions,from two-year-old lions my dear life. 18  I will thank you in a great assembly,praise you among a mighty people. 19  Let those who are my enemies on false grounds not be joyous over me,those who hate me for nothing not leer, 20  Because they talk nothing wholesomeand think up insidious words against my ease. 21  And they opened their mouths wide against me,said “Oho, oho, he is getting it now!” 22  You saw it, Jehovah; do not be deaf!Lord, do not stand aloof from me! 23  Rouse and wake in defense of my cause,my God and Lord, in my behalf; 24  Do me justice in accordance with your fairness, my God Jehovah,let them not have their joy over me! 25  Let them not say to themselves“Ah there, something to relish!” 26  Let those be disappointed and abashed togetherwho have their joy over harm to me;Let those be wrapped in disappointment and humiliationwho swagger over me. 27  Let those who take pleasure in having me found in the right carol and have joyAnd say all the time “Great is Jehovahwho takes pleasure in his servant’s welfare!” 28  And my tongue shall voice your right-doing,all day long your praise.