Psalm 115:1-18

115  Not to us, Jehovah, not to us,but to your name bring honorfor your friendship and loyalty. 2  Why should the nations say“Where is their god?” 3  But our God is in heaven;he has done everything that he pleased to. 4  Their idols are silver and gold,work of human hands. 5  They have mouths and do not speak,they have eyes and do not see, 6  They have ears and do not hear,they have noses and do not smell, 7  Their hands, they do not handle;their feet, they do not walk;they do not whisper with their throats. 8  Like them be their makers,everybody that trusts to them! 9  Israel trusts to Jehovah;he is their help and shield. 10  The house of Aaron trusts to Jehovah;he is their help and shield. 11  Those who fear Jehovah trust to Jehovah;he is their help and shield. 12  Jehovah remembers us, will bless,will bless the house of Israel,will bless the house of Aaron, 13  Will bless those who fear Jehovah,the smallest with the greatest. 14  Jehovah add more to you,to you and to your sons! 15  Blessed be you of Jehovah,Maker of heavens and earth! 16  The heavens are Jehovah’s heavens,but the earth he has given to mankind. 17  The dead will not praise Jehovah,nor any who go down into silence; 18  But we will bless Jehovahfrom now on, forever!Praise Jehovah!