Psalm 98:1-9

(A psalm.) 98  Sing a new song for Jehovah,for he has done wondrous things;His right hand and his holy armhave brought his salvation. 2  Jehovah has made his salvation known,unveiled his right-doing before the eyes of the nations. 3  He has remembered his friendship and faithfulness to Israel’s house;all earth’s extremities have seen our God’s salvation. 4  Raise cheers for Jehovah, all the earth,break out and shout and make music; 5  Make music for Jehovah with lyre,with lyre and sound of minstrelsy; 6  With trumpets and sound of ram-horngive ringing blasts before the King, Jehovah! 7  Let the sea and what fills it thunder,the world and its inhabitants, 8  Let rivers clap their hands,mountains shout together, 9  Before Jehovah, because he has come to judge the earth;he will judge the world arightand peoples uprightly.