Psalm 11:1-7

(Of the Director. Of David’s.) 11  In Jehovah I take refuge: how is it you say to my soul“Flit mountainward like a sparrow”? 2  For here have the wicked strung their bow,Set their arrow on the string,in gloom to shoot at right-minded men. 3  When the foundations are torn upwhat does an honest man do? 4  Jehovah is in his holy temple;Jehovah has his throne in the sky;His eyes view,his glances test, the sons of men. 5  Jehovah tests honest man and rascal,and his nature hates a lover of outrage. 6  He will rain on rascals burning charcoal and sulfur,and scorching wind is the cup poured out for them. 7  For Jehovah is honest, loves honest doings;upright men shall behold his face.