Psalm 5:1-12

(Of the Director; to the woodwind. A psalm of David’s.) 5  Give ear to my say, Jehovah!take in my moan! 2  Listen to the sound of my clamor, my King and God,for it is to you I pray. 3  Jehovah, in the morning you shall hear my voice,in the morning I will address you and be on the lookout. 4  For you are not a crime-loving deity,wickedness will not make its home with you, 5  Wild men will not take their stand under your eyes,you hate all that commit villainy, 6  You will destroy those who speak lies;Jehovah detests a man of bloodshed and fraud. 7  But I by the abundance of your friendship will enter your house,will do reverence toward your holy temple in your fear. 8  Jehovah, guide me in your righteousness on account of my ill-wishers,lay your way out straight before me. 9  For there is nothing solid in their mouths; their inward thought is catastrophe;their throats are open graves; they keep their tongues slippery. 10  Hold them to the penalty, God; let them come to a fall by their plans;for the multiplicity of their crimes banish them, because they have disobeyed you; 11  And let all that take refuge in you be gladAnd carol forever, you sheltering them, and let those who love your name exult in you, 12  Because you, Jehovah, bless an honest man,envelop him with goodwill like a shield.