Psalm 30:1-12

(A psalm, the song for the dedication of the house, of David’s.) 30  I will exalt you, Jehovah, because you have rescued meand not had my enemies be glad for me. 2  My God Jehovah,I implored you and you healed me. 3  Jehovah, you have brought up my soul from the world below,have restored my life from among those who go down to the Pit. 4  Make music for Jehovah, men of his friendship,and give thanks in holy commemoration of him. 5  For there is a moment in his anger, life by his favor;sobs come in the evening to lodge, but in the morning there is caroling. 6  And for me, I had thought in my prosperity“I shall be unshaken forever”; 7  Jehovah, by your favor you had given my mountains solid strength;you have veiled your face, I am seized with consternation. 8  To you, Jehovah, I call,and with my Lord I plead: 9  “What gain is to be made by my blood,by my going down to dissolution?Will clay give thanks to you,will it report your faithfulness?” 10  Listen, Jehovah, and be gracious to me;Jehovah, be helper of mine. 11  You have turned my wailing to dancing for me,have undone my sackcloth and kilted me with joy, 12  That my soul may make music to you and not be silent;Jehovah my God, forever I will give thanks to you.