Psalm 145:1-21

(A hymn of David’s.) 145  I exalt you, my Divine King,and will bless your name forevermore. 2  Every day I bless you,and will praise your name forevermore. 3  Great is Jehovah and greatly to be praised,beyond exploration is his greatness. 4  Generation to generation shall laud your deedsand tell your feats, 5  Talk of the splendor of the glory of your majestyand study your wonders 6  And say the mightiness of your terrors,and I will tell the story of your greatness; 7  They shall pour out commemoration of the abundance of your goodnessand shout your right-doing. 8  Kindly and tenderhearted is Jehovah,patient and great in friendliness. 9  Jehovah is good to everything,and his tenderheartedness is toward all his works. 10  All your works shall give thanks to you, Jehovah,and those that have your friendship shall bless you. 11  They shall utter the glory of your empireand speak your prowess, 12  Making known to mankind your featsand the glory of the splendor of your empire. 13  Your empire is an empire for all ages,and your dominion over every generation that comes.Jehovah is trusty in his wordsand friendly in all his deeds. 14  Jehovah is a supporter of all who are fallingand a raiser of all who are bent down. 15  Every creature’s eyes look to you, Jehovah,and you give their food at the due time. 16  You open your handand give your favor to satisfy every living thing. 17  Jehovah is fair in all his coursesand friendly in all his deeds. 18  Jehovah is near to all who call on him,all who call on him sincerely. 19  He will do what those who fear him can welcome,and will hear their cry and save them. 20  Jehovah guards all who love him,but all wrong-doers he will root out. 21  My mouth shall speak Jehovah’s praisethat all mortals may bless his holy nameforevermore.