Psalm 37:1-40

(Of David’s.) 37  Do not lose your temper at evil-doersnor be jealous of rogues, 2  Because they will speedily be mowed like grassand wilt as the verdure of plants does. 3  Rely on Jehovah, and do what is good;live at home and cultivate fidelity, 4  And be happy because of Jehovah,and let him give you what your heart is asking for. 5  Turn over the course of your affairs to Jehovah,and rely on him, and he will act 6  And will bring your rightness out like the lightand the justice of your case like noonday. 7  Leave it silently to Jehovah and wait for him;do not lose your temper at one who comes off successfully,a man who executes deep-laid plots. 8  Give up anger and leave off ire;do not lose your temper just to cause evil, 9  Because evil-doers will be exterminated,and those who hope in Jehovah, they will possess the land. 10  And in a little longer the rascal is not there;you observe his place, and he is not there; 11  But humble men will possess the landand be happy because of abounding prosperity. 12  A rascal is forming designs against an honest manand grinding his teeth at him; 13  The Lord laughs at himbecause he sees that his day is coming. 14  Rascals have unsheathed swordsand strung their bows to bring down a needy and unfortunate man, to slaughter men whose course is straightforward. 15  Their swords shall go into their own heartsand their bows shall break. 16  A few on the side of rightare better than a host of many rascals, 17  For rascals’ arms will be brokenbut Jehovah holds honest men up. 18  Jehovah knows the lives of upright men,and their inheritance shall be forever. 19  They shall not be put to shame at a time of disaster,and in days of famine they shall have their fill. 20  For rascals shall perishand Jehovah’s enemies are spent like the fuel of a kitchen brazier, spent in smoke. 21  A rascal is borrowing and will not pay,but an honest man is gracious and is giving; 22  For those who are blessed by him will have possession of the land,and those who are cursed by him will be cut off. 23  The places where a man sets his feet come from Jehovah;he steadies him and keeps his course unswerving. 24  When he does fall he will not go flying,because Jehovah holds him up by the hand. 25  I have been young and have been old,and have never seen an honest man left in the lurchand his offspring hunting for bread. 26  All day he is gracious and is lending,and his offspring becomes a name to bless by. 27  Shun what is bad and do what is goodand live there forever, 28  Because Jehovah loves justiceand will not leave in the lurch those who are friends with him.Rogues are rooted out forever,and rascals’ line will be cut off; 29  Honest men will have possession of the landand live in it evermore. 30  An honest man’s mouth breathes wisdomand his tongue speaks justice. 31  His God’s instructions are in his heart;his steps will not be shaky. 32  A rascal is on the watch for an honest manand looking for a chance to take his life; 33  Jehovah will not abandon him into his handsnor have him condemned when he comes into court. 34  Set your hope on Jehovah and keep to his course,and he will uplift you to have possession of the land;you shall look on while rascals are extirpated. 35  I saw a rascal arrogantand leafed out like a verdant cedar; 36  But he went past, and he was not there,and I looked for him and he was not to be found. 37  Keep to uprightness and look to straightforwardness,because a man of peace has a future; 38  But criminals will be rooted out together;rascals’ future will be cut off. 39  Honest men’s salvation comes from Jehovah,their citadel at a time of distress, 40  And Jehovah will help them and see them through,will see them clear of rascalsand save them because they took refuge in him.