Psalm 3:1-8

(A psalm of David’s when he was in flight before his son Absalom.) 3  Jehovah, how thick come my foes!Many are standing up against me, 2  Many are saying of my soul“There is no help for him in his God.” (Selah) 3  But you, Jehovah, are a shield before me,my glory and the uplifter of my head. 4  Aloud to Jehovah I call,and he has answered me from his sacred mountain. (Selah) 5  I have lain down and gone to sleepand waked up, because Jehovah supports me. 6  I will not be afraid of thousands upon thousands of peoplewho on all sides have beset me. 7  Stand up, Jehovah, save me, my God;For you have struck all my enemies on the jaw,broken the teeth of malefactors. 8  Salvation is a thing of Jehovah’s;your blessing be on your people! [Selah]