Psalm 38:1-22

(A psalm of David’s; for the memorial.) 38  Jehovah, do not correct me in your wrathand discipline me in your ire! 2  For your arrows have sunk into meand your hand rests on me. 3  There is not a sound spot in my flesh in consequence of your hostility;there is no health in my bones in consequence of my sin; 4  For my guilts rise above my head;like a load of dead weight they are too heavy for me. 5  My sores are reeking, rotted,in consequence of my foolishness. 6  I am dizzy, I am very low indeed,all day I go in black, 7  Because my loins are full of roasting heatand there is not a sound spot in my flesh. 8  I am utterly benumbed and beaten down;I roar out of the groaning of my heart. 9  Lord, all my craving is present before you,my moaning is not concealed from you. 10  My heart throbs, my strength has left me,the light of my very eyes is not by me; 11  My lovers and friends move off from my blightand my nearest stand at a distance. 12  Those who are looking for my life set traps,and those who aim at harm to me talk up catastrophesand whisper fraud all day, 13  And I am like a deaf man who will not hearand like a dumb man who will not open his mouth, 14  I have become like a person who does not hearand has no protests to make, 15  Because I am waiting for you, Jehovah;you were to answer, Lord, my God, 16  Because I thought “They might have a fine time over me;when my foot slipped they said great things about me.” 17  For I am ready to break down,always conscious of pain. 18  For I quail at my guilt,am anxious over my sin, 19  And those who are against me for nothing are a strong party, and those who hate me on false grounds are many, 20  And those who pay me back evil for goodare hostile to me while I practice kindness. 21  Do not abandon me, Jehovah;my God, do not be far from me. 22  Lord, my savior,hasten to my help.