Psalm 2:1-12

2  Why have nations forgathered and peoples made empty propositions? 2  Kings of earth took their stand and potentates concerted a program against Jehovah and against his Anointed, 3  “Let us snap their tetherand tear off their ropes.” 4  He who sits in heaven will laugh;the Lord will deride them. 5  Then he will speak to them in his angerand throw them into consternation by his heat, 6  “But I, I have invested my kingon my sacred mountain Sion.” 7  I will tell the story of Jehovah’s ordinance:He said to me “You are my son,I myself have today given you birth. 8  Ask me and I will make nations your estateand the ends of earth your holding. 9  You shall break them with iron truncheon,smash them like crockery.” 10  And now, kings, be canny;take your lesson to heart, judges of earth; 11  Worship Jehovah in fearand kiss his feet with quaking, 12  For fear he should be angry and you perish right away,because his anger takes fire easily.Happy are all that take refuge in him.