Psalm 144:1-15

(Of David’s.) 144  Blessed be Jehovah my Rock,who teaches my hands to do battle and my fingers to fight, 2  My friend and my fastness,my citadel and my own preserver,My shield and the one I take refuge in,he who treads down peoples under me. 3  Jehovah, what is man that you should know of him,a human being that you should think of him? 4  Man is like a puff of vapor,his days are like a passing shadow. 5  Jehovah, bend your sky and come down,touch the mountains and let them smoke. 6  Flash lightning and scatter them;send your arrows and throw them into confusion. 7  Reach your hand from above,free me and deliver me from deep water,from the hands of foreigners 8  Whose mouths speak hollowlyand whose right hand is a hand of falsehood. 9  A new song let me sing for you, God,with ten-stringed lyre make music for you 10  Who give salvation to kings,who freed your servant David from baleful warfare. 11  Free me and deliver mefrom the hands of foreignersWhose mouths speak hollowlyand whose right hand is a hand of falsehood. 12  That our sons are like young fruit-trees,grown tall in their boyhood;Our daughters like corner-postscarved in palace fashion; 13  Our barns full,giving out this sort and that;Our sheep lambing by thousands,by tens of thousands in our open spaces; 14  Our cattle loaded;no breached walls and no evacuationsand no shrieking in our squares,— 15  Happy the people that has it like this;happy the people whose God is Jehovah.