Psalm 101:1-8

(Of David’s; a psalm.) 101  Friendliness and justice I sing;to you, Jehovah, I make music. 2  I will consider a faultless course;when will you come to me?I will walk with a steady heartwithin my house. 3  I will not lay a base propositionunder my eyes.Doing unprincipled things I hate,it shall not be my habit. 4  A crooked heart I will eschew,will have no knowledge of evil. 5  One who covertly defames anotherI will annihilate.A man of lofty eyes and domineering heartI will not stand. 6  I will have my eyes out for earth’s reliable mento live with me.One who walks a faultless course,he shall serve me. 7  One who practices fraud shall not havea seat inside my house.A liar shall not holda footing under my eyes. 8  Morning by morning I will annihilateall earth’s wrong-doers,Exterminating from Jehovah’s cityall who commit villainy.