Psalm 94:1-23

94  Deity of vengeance, Jehovah,Deity of vengeance, beam out! 2  Uplift yourself, Judge of the earth,send back retribution upon proud men. 3  How long shall wrong-doers, Jehovah,how long shall wrong-doers jubilate? 4  They stream out arrogant talk,and villains have plenty to say, 5  They beat down your people, Jehovah,and wear down your estate, 6  Kill widow and immigrantand murder orphans; 7  And they think “Jehovah does not seeand the Holy One of Israel does not take it in.” 8  Take this in, stupid ones among the people;and you fools, when will you be sensible? 9  Is he who planted ears not to hearand he who shaped eyes not to take a look? 10  Is the instructor of nations to do no correcting,he who teaches man to know? 11  Jehovah knows man’s thoughts,how windy they are. 12  Happy the man whom you discipline, Jehovah,and teach out of your code, 13  To give him quietness out of days of eviltill a pitfall is dug for the wrong-doer; 14  For Jehovah will not abandon his peoplenor forsake his estate. 15  For judgment will come back to doing the right,and this will all the honest-hearted follow. 16  Who will stand up for me against evil-doers,who take his stand for me against perpetrators of villainy? 17  If Jehovah had not been a help to memy soul was almost finding its dwelling in the land of silence. 18  If I think my foot is slippingyour friendship, Jehovah, steadies me. 19  When I have in my bosom many cogitationsyour comforts afford me pleasure. 20  Is a throne of malignity associated with you,one that frames mischief into a rule of law? 21  They raid a right-doer’s lifeand condemn innocent blood. 22  But Jehovah has been a fastness to meand my God my rock of refuge, 23  And has turned their villainy back upon themselves,and will annihilate them in their wickedness;our God Jehovah will annihilate them.