Psalm 95:1-11

95  Come, let us shout for Jehovah,raise a cheer for our Rock of salvation, 2  Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving,raise a cheer for him with music, 3  Because Jehovah is a great Deityand a great King over all gods, 4  He in whose hand are the most secluded parts of earth,and the peaks of mountains are his; 5  He to whom the sea belongs, and who made it,and whose hands formed dry land. 6  Come in, let us bow low and do reverence,let us kneel before our maker Jehovah, 7  Because he is our Godand we are the people he pasturesand the sheep of his hand.Today, if you will obey him, 8  Do not stiffen your hearts as at Meribah,as on the day of Massah in the wilderness, 9  When your fathers tried me out,tested me and saw what I did. 10  Forty years I felt the loathsomeness of that generationand said “They are a people of erring hearts,not knowing my courses,” 11  So that I swore in my angerthey should not come into my rest.