Psalm 10:1-18

10  Why do you stand aloof, Jehovah,ignore hard times? 2  Pridefully a wrong-doer chases a poor wretch—they shall be caught in the designs they have thought up. 3  For a wrong-doer praises, a grasping man blesses,on the basis of his own heart’s desire. 4  A wrong-doer loftily insults Jehovah,does not look out for his anger;All his calculations are that there is no God. 5  His courses are persistent at every time;Your judgments are too exalted to come within his view;all his foemen he pooh-poohs. 6  He says to himself “I shall be unshaken,for generation upon generation I shall be firm,to disaster I shall never succumb.” 7  His mouth is full of fraud and extortion;under his tongue are mischief and villainy. 8  He sits in village ambushes,kills innocent men under cover.His eyes are in wait for a wretched man. 9  He lies in wait under cover like a lion in its thicket,Lies in wait to catch a poor fellow,catches a poor fellow by drawing his net: 10  He beats down, brings low;wretches have fallen by his force. 11  He says to himself “Deity has forgotten,has veiled his face, does not see forevermore.” 12  Up, Jehovah! Deity, lift your hand!do not forget miserable men! 13  On what ground has a wrong-doer been contemptuous of God,said to himself you would not look into it? 14  You do see, because you look at mischiefand offense, to put it into your hands;To you the orphan wretch leaves his cause;you have been a helper. 15  Break the arm of a wrong-doer and rascal;you look for his criminal work, it is not to be found. 16  Jehovah is king of ages on ages,heathen nations perish out of his country. 17  Humble men’s desire you have heard,Jehovah, the address of their hearts; 18  You sharpen your ear to judge orphan and downtrodden;Never again let a man out of the earth be arrogant.