Psalm 65:1-13

(Of the Director; a psalm of David’s; a song.) 65  Praise responds to you, God, in Sion,and to you vows have to be made good, 2  Hearer of prayer. To you all mortals shall bring matters of guilt; 3  our crimes are too much for me—you will purge them. 4  Happy he whom you choose and bring near to be an inmate of your courts;we shall feed full upon the good things of your house, the sacred things of your sanctuary. 5  Terrible answers will you in fair dealing give us, God of our salvation,reliance of all ends of earth and of distant coasts, 6  Planter of mountains by your strength,belted with sturdiness, 7  Stiller of the roar of seas,the booming of their waves, 8  At whose tokens the inhabitants of farthest ends are afraid, who set the portals of morning and evening to jubilating. 9  You look after the earth and make it teem,give it great riches;God’s canal is full of water;you provide their grain when duly you have prepared the earth. 10  Drenching its furrows, washing down its ridges,you churn it up with showers, you bless its sprouting. 11  You have put the crown on your year of goodness,and your tracks drip fat. 12  Wilderness pastures dripand hills put on a girdle of glee, 13  Uplands robe themselves with the sheepand vales drape themselves with grain;they triumph, yes, they sing.