Psalm 139:1-24

(Of the Director; of David’s; a psalm.) 139  Jehovah, you have sounded me and know me, 2  you know my sitting down and my standing up,you far away are aware of what I have in mind. 3  You itemize my traveling about and my lying down to rest,and are familiar with all my courses. 4  When a word is not on my tongue,there you, Jehovah, know the whole of it. 5  You hem me in behind and beforeand lay your hand on me. 6  The knowledge is too mysterious for me;it is inaccessible; I am not capable of it. 7  Where shall I go from your spirit?and where shall I get away from your face? 8  If I go up in the sky you are there;and let me make my bed in the realm of death, there you are. 9  Let me lift the wings of dawnand alight at the back of the west, 10  Even there your hand will be leading meand your right hand grasping me. 11  And do I say “I will just have darkness shroud meand night enclose me,” 12  Even darkness does not make it too dark for you,and night is light as day;the darkness and the light are alike. 13  For it was you that built my vitals,were weaving me together in my mother’s body. 14  I acclaim you that you are fearfully mysterious;mysterious are your works, and my soul knows it well. 15  My bones were not unknown to youas I was made in secret,stitched in an underground place. 16  Your eye saw my germs,and they were all registered in your book;Many days they were shaped,and not one of them was lost. 17  And what a stupendous thing to meare the objects of your concern, Jehovah!how multitudinous is their sum! 18  I count them—they outnumber the sand;I make an end—I am still at you. 19  If you are killing a wrong-doer, God,and bloodstained men, turn aside from me; 20  Those who perversely disobey you,futilely set themselves up against you, 21  Do I not hate those who hate you, Jehovah,and loathe those who stand up against you? 22  I hate them with utmost hate;they have become enemies of mine. 23  Search me, Deity, and know my heart,test me and know my ideas, 24  And see if I have in me a course that leads to pain,and lead me on the course that lasts forever.