Psalm 25:1-22

(Of David’s.) 25  It is on you that I count, Jehovah; 2  my God, you are my stay.In you I trust; let me not be disappointed;let my enemies not be gleeful over me. 3  Nay, never are any of those who hope in you disappointed;disappointed are those who commit treachery to no purpose. 4  Make your roads known to me, Jehovah,teach me your paths. 5  Direct me in your faithfulness, and teach me,because you are the God of my salvationAnd in you I hope all day. 6  Remember, Jehovah, your sympathy and friendliness,because they have been yours from of old. 7  Do not remember the sins of my youth nor my crimes.Do you remember me in accordance with your friendship,for your kindness’ sake, Jehovah. 8  Kind and frank is Jehovah;therefore he will show the way to those that go wrong. 9  He will direct humble men’s course arightand teach humble men his road. 10  All Jehovah’s paths are friendship and loyaltyto those who keep his covenant and his lessons. 11  For the sake of your name, Jehovah,forgive my guilt, great as it is. 12  Who is the man that is a fearer of Jehovah?he will instruct him what way to choose. 13  He shall lodge in comfort,his posterity shall possess a domain. 14  Those who fear Jehovah are intimate with himand his covenant is to be made known to them. 15  My eyes are constantly toward Jehovahbecause he gets my feet out of nets. 16  Turn toward me and be gracious to me,because I am lonely and wretched. 17  Relieve my heart’s distressesand bring me out of my hard straits. 18  See my wretchedness and my difficultiesand pardon all my sins. 19  Confront my enemies, for there are many of themand they hate me savagely. 20  Preserve my life and deliver me;let me not be put to shame, because I have taken refuge in you. 21  Let sincerity and principle be my guard;for my heart is set on you, Jehovah. 22  Redeem Israel, O God, out of all his distresses.