Psalm 138:1-8

(Of David’s.) 138  I will give you thanks, Jehovah, with all my heart,make music for you in presence of gods, 2  Do reverence toward your holy templeand give thanks to your nameFor your friendliness and loyalty,because you made your promise great beyond all your fame 3  On the day that I called out and you answered me,inspirited me, strength in my soul. 4  All earth’s kings shall acknowledge you, Jehovah,because they hear the words of your mouth, 5  And sing of Jehovah’s courses,because great is Jehovah’s glory. 6  For Jehovah is high and sees a low man,and knows a lofty man far away. 7  If I go through the heart of distress you will give me life,will reach out your hand against my enemies’ anger,And your right hand will save me; 8  Jehovah will carry through on my behalf.Jehovah, your friendship lasts forever;do not abandon the works of your hands.