Psalm 54:1-7

(Of the Director; with string accompaniment; meditative; of David’s, when the Ziphites came and said to Saul “David is keeping himself concealed in our country.”) 54  Save me, God, by your name,affirm my right by your feats; 2  Hear, God, my prayer,give ear to the words of my mouth; 3  For high-handed men have stood up against meand overbearing men are looking for my life,have not set God before them. (Selah) 4  Here I have God to help me;the Lord is a bearer-up of my soul. 5  Let evil come back upon my ill-wishers;in your faithfulness annihilate them: 6  I will sacrifice to you without limit,will give thanks to your name, Jehovah, because it is good, 7  Because you have delivered me out of all distressand my eye has looked on at the fate of my enemies.