Psalm 29:1-11

(A psalm of David’s.) 29  Sons of deity, give to Jehovah,give to Jehovah glory and might. 2  Give to Jehovah the glory that belongs to his name;do reverence to Jehovah in stately sacred garb. 3  Jehovah’s voice over the water!The God of glory is thundering, Jehovah over a great water! 4  Jehovah’s voice in power,Jehovah’s voice in sublimity! 5  Jehovah’s voice breaking cedars!and Jehovah has broken the cedars of the Lebanon 6  And made them skip like a calf,Lebanon and Sirjon like a young ure. 7  Jehovah’s voice striking out flames of fire! 8  Jehovah’s voice terrifies wilderness,Jehovah terrifies the wilderness of Kadesh. 9  Jehovah’s voice sends deer into birth-throesand strips woodlands;and in his temple it all says “Glory!” 10  Jehovah was enthroned at the Deluge,and Jehovah is enthroned as king forever. 11  Jehovah will give might to his people,Jehovah will bless his people with peace.