Psalm 135:1-21

135  Praise Jehovah!Praise Jehovah’s name,praise it, you Jehovah’s worshipers 2  Who stand in Jehovah’s house,in the courts of the house of our God. 3  Praise Jehovah because Jehovah is good,make music for his name because it is so delightful, 4  Because Jehovah has chosen Jacob for himself,Israel for his special reserve. 5  For I know that Jehovah is great,and our Lord beyond all gods. 6  Jehovah does everything he pleasesin the heavens and on the earth,in the seas and all deeps, 7  Brings up vapor from the earth’s end,makes lightnings for the rain,brings out wind from his storehouses, 8  He who struck down the eldest sons of Egypt,man and beast, 9  Sent tokens and miraclesin your midst, Egypt,on the Pharaoh and all his subjects; 10  Who struck down great nationsand killed formidable kings, 11  King Sihon of the Amoritesand King ʽOg of the Bashanand all the kings of Canaan, 12  And gave their country as an estate,an estate for his people Israel. 13  Jehovah, your name is forever;Jehovah, the remembrance of you to generation after generation, 14  Because Jehovah will pronounce judgment for his peopleand take pity on his servants. 15  The idols of the nations are silver and gold,work of human hands. 16  They have mouths and do not speak,they have eyes and do not see, 17  They have ears and do not give ear,there is no breath in their mouths either. 18  Like them be their makers,everybody that trusts to them! 19  House of Israel, bless Jehovah!house of Aaron, bless Jehovah! 20  House of the Levites, bless Jehovah!fearers of Jehovah, bless Jehovah! 21  Blessed be Jehovah out of Sion,he who dwells in Jerusalem!Praise Jehovah!