Psalm 132:1-18

(Song of the goings up.) 132  Remember for David, Jehovah,all his hardships: 2  That he swore to Jehovah,vowed to the Mighty One of Jacob, 3  “I will not go into my home,will not mount my bed, 4  Will give my eyes no sleep,my eyelashes no slumber, 5  Till I find a place for Jehovah,abodes for the Mighty One of Jacob.” 6  We heard of it in Ephrathah,found it amid Jaʽar’s wilds. 7  Let us go into his abodes,do reverence at the footstool of his feet. 8  Up, Jehovah, to come to your resting-place,you and your ark of might! 9  Let your priests be robed in righteousnessand your godly men shout! 10  For the sake of your servant Daviddo not refuse to listen to your anointed one. 11  Jehovah swore to Davidfaithfully, will never go back from it,“Offspring of your bodyI will set on the throne for you. 12  If your sons keep my covenantand my lessons that I teach themYou shall have their sons toositting on the throne forevermore.” 13  For Jehovah chose Sion,wished it for his seat: 14  “This is my resting-place forevermore;here I will settle, because it I prefer. 15  Its provision of food I will blessand give its poor full meals, 16  And its priests shall be robed in salvationand its godly men shout aloud. 17  There I will have a horn grow for David;I have filled a lamp for my anointed one. 18  His enemies I will clothe in shame,and upon him my diadem shall bloom.”