Psalm 83:1-18

(A song; a psalm of Asaph’s.) 83  Do not take repose, God;do not be deaf, Deity, nor quiet, 2  Because here are your enemies making an uproar,your haters raising their heads, 3  Conspiring in an artful plot against your peopleand consulting over a policy against the objects of your protection. 4  They say “come on, we will efface their nationalityand the name of Israel shall not be remembered anymore.” 5  For they have come to a unanimous agreement,formed a league against you, 6  The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites,Moab and the Hagarites, 7  Gebal and ʽAmmon and ʽAmalek,Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre. 8  Assyria has joined them too,they have reinforced the sons of Lot. [Selah] 9  Do to them as you did to Midian,to Sisera, to Jabin, at Kishon Arroyo, 10  That were annihilated at ʽEn-Dor,that became manure for the soil. 11  Make them, their nobles, like Raven and like Wolf,like Zebah and Salmunnaʽ all their dukes, 12  Those who have said “Let us takeGod’s meadows for our possession.” 13  My God, make them like a tumbleweed,like straw before a wind; 14  Like a fire burning out a brush-patchor a conflagration blazing over mountains, 15  So you will chase them with your tempestand drive them in consternation by your gale. 16  Fill their faces with disgracethat they may seek out your name, Jehovah, 17  May have unending shame and consternationand be abashed and perish, 18  And know it is you alone that are named Jehovah,on high over all the earth.