Psalm 106:1-48

106  Praise Jehovah!Thank Jehovah, because he is good,because his friendship lasts forever. 2  Who shall put Jehovah’s feats into words,voice all his praise? 3  Happy are those who observe laws,who do what is right at every time. 4  Remember me, Jehovah, in the favor you show to your people, take care of me in your salvation, 5  For me to have the sight of the good your chosen ones get,to be glad in the gladness of your nation,to make my boast with your estate. 6  We have sinned with our fathers,have done perversely, wrongly. 7  Our fathers in Egyptdid not appreciate your wonders,Did not remember how many your acts of friendship had been,and disobeyed the Most High at the Red Sea. 8  But he saved them for the honor of his name,to make known his prowess, 9  And rebuked the Red Sea, and it dried off,and he marched them through the deeps as if through the wilderness, 10  And saved them out of the hands of one who hated them,and reclaimed them out of an enemy’s hand, 11  And water covered their foes,not one of them was left; 12  And they believed his wordsand sang his praise. 13  They were quick to forget his works,would not wait for his plan, 14  But gave way to a craving in the wildernessand put Deity on trial in desert land; 15  And he gave them what they askedbut sent sickness into their systems. 16  And they grew jealous of Moses in the camp,of Aaron, the one holy to Jehovah; 17  Earth opened and swallowed Dathanand covered Abiram’s company, 18  And a fire broke out in their company,flame set wrong-doers ablaze. 19  They made a calf at Horeband did reverence to a bronze statue, 20  And changed their gloryfor a figure of a grass-eating bull; 21  They forgot the Deity who had saved them,had done great things in Egypt, 22  Wonderful things in the country of Ham,terrible things at the Red Sea. 23  And he thought of exterminating them,had it not been that Moses his chosen oneStood in the breach before himto turn back his ire from working ruin. 24  And they refused a delectable country,would not believe his word 25  But found fault in their tents,did not obey Jehovah, 26  And he pledged himself against themto have them fall in the wilderness 27  And to scatter their descendants among the nationsand disperse them through the countries. 28  And they fraternized with the Baal of Peghorand ate sacrifices to dead things, 29  And gave provocation by their misbehavior,and a plague broke out among them; 30  Pinehas stood firm and intervened,and the plague was checked, 31  And it was credited to him for righteousnessgeneration upon generation forever. 32  And they gave offense at Meribah Water,and Moses came to grief on their account 33  Because they had embittered his spiritand he spoke thoughtlessly with his lips. 34  They did not exterminate the peoplesthat Jehovah had told them to, 35  But mixed with the heathenand learned their doings 36  And worshiped their idols,and it became a snare for them, 37  And they sacrificed their sonsand their daughters to the demons, 38  And shed innocent blood,the blood of their childrenWhom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan,and the country was polluted with blood, 39  And they became unclean in their actionsand unchaste in their behavior; 40  And Jehovah grew angry at his peopleand came to abhor his estate, 41  And gave them into the hands of heathens,and those who hated them ruled them, 42  And their enemies oppressed themand they were humbled under their hands. 43  Many times he delivered them,but they were disobedient in their conductand moldered down in their guilt. 44  And he saw what distress they were inas he heard their appeal, 45  And remembered for them his covenant,changed his mind in accordance with the greatness of his friendship, 46  And made them objects of sympathyto all their captors. 47  Save us, Jehovah, our God,and gather us out of the nationsTo give thanks to your holy name,to glory in your praise. 48  Blessed be Israel’s God Jehovahfrom eternity to eternity.(And let all the people say Amen.)