Psalm 111:1-10

111  Praise Jehovah!I will acknowledge Jehovah with entire heartin a council and company of upright men. 2  Great are Jehovah’s works,to be studied for all their charms. 3  What he has done is majesty and splendor,and his right-doing stands forevermore. 4  He did memorable wonders;kindly and tenderhearted is Jehovah. 5  He gave provisions to those who feared him,forever remembering his covenant. 6  He acquainted his people with the powerfulness of his workings,giving them the estate of nations. 7  The works of his hands are loyalty and justice;all his mandates are trustworthy, 8  Anchored forever and evermore,done in truth and rectitude. 9  He sent redemption to his people,ordained his covenant forever;holy and terrible is his name. 10  To fear Jehovah is the first thing in wisdom,good sense of all who exercise it;his praise stands forevermore.