Psalm 91:1-16

91  One who lives under the Most High’s screen,lodges under Shaddai’s canopy, 2  Who calls Jehovah “my refuge and fastness,my God in whom I trust”— 3  For he will deliver you from fowler’s trap,from threats of malice; 4  He will overarch you with his pinionsand under his wings you shall take refuge;great shield and castle is his loyalty. 5  You shall not fear nighttime horror,arrow flying by day, 6  Pestilence walking in murky blackness,fatality making havoc at noon; 7  A thousand shall fall at your sideand ten thousand at your right hand,but it shall not come up to you; 8  You shall only look on with your eyesand see the retribution of wrong-doers, 9  Because you have Jehovah for your refuge,have made the Most High your citadel. 10  No harm will come upon younor blight draw near your home, 11  Because he will give his angels orders for you,to guard you in all your courses; 12  They shall take you up in their handsto keep you from stubbing your toe on a stone. 13  You shall tread on lion and viper,trample down two-year-old lion and reptile. 14  Because he is in love with me I will see him through,will set him out of reach of harm because he knows my name. 15  He shall call on me and I will answer him;I am with him in distress,I will rescue him and show him honor. 16  Of long life I will give him his fill,and will let him feast his eyes on my salvation.