Psalm 12:1-8

(Of the Director; bass voices; a psalm of David’s.) 12  Save, Jehovah, because godly men have disappeared,because all is over with reliability among mankind. 2  They talk make-believes to each other,talk with slippery lips and double heart. 3  Jehovah will exterminate slippery lips,tongues that make great propositions, 4  Men that say “With our tongues we shall do bravely;we have our lips with us, who is sovereign over us?” 5  For violence to men in want, for needy men’s groaning,now I will stand up, says Jehovah,will set in salvation who pants for that. 6  Jehovah’s say is clean say,silver refined in a cupel on the ground,purified seven times. 7  You, Jehovah, will guard them,will keep them for this generation and forever. 8  Wrong-doers walk about on all sideswhen shabbiness stands high for mankind.