Psalm 59:1-17

(Of the Director; “Do Not Spoil”; of David’s, a mictam, when Saul sent and they were watching the house to put him to death.) 59  Deliver me from my enemies, my God,set me out of reach of my adversaries; 2  Deliver me from villains;save me from ruffians. 3  For here they have laid in ambush for my life,powerful men are starting quarrels against me,Not for crime of mine or sin of mine, Jehovah; 4  without guilt of mine they are running and making ready.Rouse up to come to me, and see!— 5  and you are Jehovah God, Armies, the God of Israel.Wake up to deal with all the nations;show no favor to any treacherous villains. (Selah) 6  They come back at evening,growl like dogs,go round the city. 7  Here they are pattering with their mouths,with swords on their lips,for who is hearing? 8  But you, Jehovah, will laugh at them,will deride all nations. 9  My strength, toward you I watch,because God is my fastness. 10  My God will bring on to me his friendliness;God will let me see the fate of my ill-wishers. 11  Do not kill them, for fear my people should forget:drive them by your forces to roving and roaming back and forth. 12  Hand them over, Lord, to the sins of their mouths,the word of their lips; and let them be taken in their pride;And for cursing and falsehood which they speak 13  finish them in ire, finish and let there be nothing of them,And let them find out that God is ruler in Jacobfor the ends of the earth. (Selah) 14  And they come back at evening,growl like dogs,go round the city. 15  As for them, they rove back and forth to eat,if they do not get their fill they grumble. 16  But as for me, I sing your might,carol your friendship when morning comes,Because you have been a fastness to me,a place to flee to on a day when I was in distress. 17  My strength, to you I make music,because God is my fastness,my God of friendship.