Psalm 80:1-19

(Of the Director; to “Lilies a testimony”; of Asaph’s; a psalm.) 80  Shepherd of Israel, give ear,you who guide Joseph along like a drove of sheep;You who are seated on the cherubs, beam out 2  before Ephraim and Benjamin and Manasseh,Stir your mightand come for salvation for us. 3  Bring us back, God,and show a shining face, and let us be saved. 4  Jehovah, God, Armies,till when are you smoking hot at your people’s prayer, 5  Feeding them tear-breadand giving them tears to drink by the gallon? 6  You are making us an object for our neighbors’ quarrels,and our enemies amuse themselves with us. 7  Bring us back, God, Armies,and show a shining face, and let us be saved. 8  You move a grapevine out of Egypt,dislodge nations and set it out, 9  Clear the ground before it and get it rooted,and it fills the country; 10  Mountains are covered with its shadow,mighty cedars with its branches; 11  It is running its canes to the seaand its shoots to the River; 12  Why is it you have breached its fencesand everybody that comes along the road is picking at it, 13  Hogs out of the badlands are eating it off,and beasts of the range are browsing on it? 14  God, Armies, come back,look from heaven and see, 15  And care for this vine and put it in order,what your right hand planted,and the son you appropriated to yourself. 16  They have burned it down, lopped it off;let them perish at the rebuke of your face. 17  Let your hand be on the man of your right handand the son of man you appropriated to yourself, 18  And we will not fall back from you;bring us to life, and we will call on your name. 19  Jehovah, God, Armies, bring us back;show a shining face, and let us be saved.