Psalm 68:1-35

(Of the Director; of David’s; a psalm; a song.) 68  Let God stand up, let his enemies scatter,and let those who hate him take flight before him. 2  As wind-driven smoke drives off,as wax melts before a fire,let wrong-doers perish before God, 3  But right-doers make merry, exultbefore God, and rejoice merrily. 4  Sing for God, make music for his name;lay a road for him who rides on the clouds;make merry in Jehovah and exult before him. 5  Father of orphans, champion of widows’ causes,is God in his hallowed dwelling. 6  God establishes isolated men in households,brings prisoners out hardily—only stubborn men lodge on bare rocks. 7  God, when you came out before your people,when you paced forth in desert land, [Selah] 8  The earth quaked; aye, the heavens drippedbefore God,—this is Sinai,—before God, Israel’s God. 9  Showers of generosity you swing, God;your estate, it was fatigued; you brought it into condition. 10  Your animals lived in it;you provide in your kindnessfor the destitute one, God. 11  The Lord gives word;the women that carry the news are a great host: 12  “Kings of hosts take flight, take flight,and housemates divide booty”— 13  “If you lie in the forks of the paths”—“A dove’s wings coated with silverand its pinions with gold leaf”— 14  “By Shaddai’s breaking kings in itlet it snow in the Black Forest.” 15  A highland of God is the Bashan highland;a rugged highland is the Bashan highland. 16  Why should you look with menacing eye, rugged highlands,at the highland God desired to occupy,and Jehovah will, too, dwell there forevermore? 17  God’s chariots are twenty thousand, thousands thousandfold; the Lord has come from Sinai into the sanctuary. 18  You have gone up on high, have brought a train of captives, have received human gifts,and even sinful men are to be neighbors of Jehovah God. 19  Blessed be the Lord, who day by day takes our load;the Deity is our salvation. (Selah) 20  The Deity is to us a deity for salvation,and Jehovah the Lord has ways out of death. 21  God does shatter the heads of his enemies,the thick-haired crown of one who goes around incurring guilt. 22  The Lord has said “Back from Bashan I will bring,bring back from the bottom of the sea, 23  So that your foot may be dyed in blood, your dogs’tongues may have their portion out of enemies.” 24  They see your processions, God,the processions of my Deity, my King, in the sanctuary. 25  Singers go before, harpers behind,in the midst of young women sounding their tambourines. 26  Bless God in assembled throngs,the Lord out of Israel’s meeting. 27  There is Benjamin the little in men,the captains of Judah the abundant in citizens,the captains of Zebulun, the captains of Naphtali. 28  Ordain your might, God;be mighty, God, you who wrought for us 29  Out of your temple, in behalf of Jerusalem;to you kings shall bring a tribute. 30  Rebuke reed-beasts,a company of bulls among calves of peoples,One who tramples on silver chips;scatter peoples that take pleasure in battle. 31  They shall bring bronzes from Egypt;Nubia’s hands shall speed them to God. 32  Kings of the earth, sing to God,make music for the Lord, (Selah) 33  Him who rides on the sky of the ancient sky;lo, he sounds his voice with a tone of might. 34  Give might to God!Over Israel is his pride, and his might is in the heavens; 35  Terrible is God out of his sanctuary;Israel’s Deity is he, giver of might and multitude to the people.Blessed be God!