Psalm 104:1-35

104  Bless Jehovah, my soul!Jehovah, my God, you are great indeed;in majesty and splendor you are robed, 2  You who wrap light about you like a cloak,who stretch sky like a curtain; 3  Who frame your upper stories in water,make clouds your carriage,go about on wings of wind; 4  Who make winds your messengers,blazing fires your servitors; 5  Who set earth on its foundations,nevermore to be unsettled, 6  Covered it with the deep as if with a robe,water standing above mountains— 7  At your rebuke the water takes flight,at the sound of your thunder it makes off in haste, 8  Mountains come up, vales go downto the place you have founded for them, 9  You have fixed a boundary it is not to cross,not to come back to cover the earth; 10  You who let out springs in the arroyosto run between mountains, 11  To water all beasts of the wilds,for wild asses to slake their thirst, 12  For birds of the air to perch over,sounding their notes amid the leaves; 13  You who water mountains out of your loftsso that the earth has its fill of the fruit of your work, 14  Who make grass grow for the cattleand vegetation for man’s labor,Bringing out bread from the earth 15  and letting wine make a man’s heart merry,Brightening faces with oiland letting bread brace a man up, 16  Letting wild trees have their fill,cedars of Lebanon that you planted, 17  Where birds nest,storks have their homes in their tops, 18  Ibexes have highest mountains,dassies have crags for a refuge; 19  Who have made a moon to mark dates,a sun that knows its setting; 20  You cause darkness, and there is night,in which all creatures of the bush steal about, 21  The two-year-old lions roar for preyand to seek their food from Deity; 22  The sun rises, they take coverand lie down in their dens, 23  Man goes out to his activitiesand to his labors till evening. 24  How manifold are your works, Jehovah,all of which you have made with wisdom!the earth is filled with your creations. 25  Here is the sea, great and wide,and in it numberless forms of moving life,tiny animals with great ones; 26  Ships travel there;Leviathan, that you formed to play in it. 27  They all rely on you, Jehovah,to give their food at the due time. 28  You give to them, they pick up;you open your hand, they have their fill of good things; 29  You veil your face, they are struck with sudden death;you take up their spirits, they expireand go back to their clay. 30  You loose your spirit, they are createdand you make new the surface of the soil. 31  May Jehovah’s glory be forever,may Jehovah be gladdened in his works, 32  He who looks at the earth and it shivers,touches the mountains and they smoke. 33  I will sing for Jehovah while I live,make music for my God while I exist. 34  May my meditations be sweet to him;may I be glad in Jehovah. 35  May sinners come to an end out of the earthand wrong-doers no longer exist.Bless Jehovah, my soul!