Psalm 77:1-20

(Of the Director over Jeduthun; of Asaph’s; a psalm.) 77  Aloud to God I cry,aloud to God that he may give ear to me. 2  In my day of distress I invoke the Lord,I spread out my hands.By night my soul drains outand never has its pain dulled, refuses to be comforted. 3  I remember God and am in a turmoil;I muse and my spirit fails me. (Selah) 4  My eyelids are held,I am oppressed and cannot speak. 5  I think over ancient days,remember years of old; 6  I wonder to myself in the night;I muse and make mental explorations: 7  Does the Lord repudiate us forever and ever,and will he never again be favorable? 8  Is his friendship permanently at an end,is all over with his loyalty, generation after generation? 9  Has Deity forgotten graciousnessor shut up his sympathies in anger? (Selah) 10  And I thought of Jehovah’s being sick,of change in the right hand of the Most High. 11  I bring to mind Jehovah’s doings,because I remember out of ancient time your work of wonder, 12  And study over all your activitiesand muse on your deeds. 13  God, through the holy sphere is your course;who is so great a deity as God? 14  You are the Deity that did work of wonder,made your might known among the peoples. 15  With might and main you championed your peopleThe sons of Jacob and Joseph. (Selah) 16  Water saw you, God,water saw you, winced,the deeps quavered too, 17  Clouds showered water,the heavens resounded,your arrows too flew about, 18  The sound of your thunder went like chariot-wheels,lightnings lighted up the world,earth quavered and quaked. 19  Your road was through the seaand your paths through a great water,and your footprints were not known. 20  You led your people along like a flock of sheepby the hands of Moses and Aaron.