Psalm 64:1-10

(Of the Director; a psalm of David’s.) 64  God, hear my voice in my anxiety;you are to protect me from the dread of an enemy, 2  To screen me from a coterie of malefactors,from an aggregation of villains, 3  Who have sharpened their tongues like swords,have drawn their arrows, bitter matter, 4  To shoot from behind a blind at a steady man,shoot him suddenly and not be seen, 5  Strengthen their position in a bad business,recite directions for hiding traps;They say “who sees them, 6  searches out their foul play?”But the searching of them is done,each man’s bosom is searched, and a deep heart, 7  And God shoots an arrow at them,suddenly come their wounds, 8  And they make him stumble;against them is their tongue;Everybody that has the sight of them will make off, 9  and all mankind be aghastAnd report God’s doingand be enlightened as to his work. 10  A right-doer will rejoice in Jehovah and take refuge in him, and all who are of straightforward heart will boast.