Psalm 50:1-23

(A psalm of Asaph’s.) 50  Deity, God, Jehovah has spokenand called earth from sunrise land to sunset. 2  Out of Sion, perfection of beauty,God has beamed. 3  Our God shall comeand not be silent,Fire consuming before himand utmost tempest surrounding him, 4  Calling to the skies aboveand to the earth to pronounce the verdict for his people, 5  “Bring together to me the men of my friendship,those who have entered into covenant with me over a sacrifice,” 6  That the skies may report his right-doing,that he is a judging God. (Selah) 7  “Listen, my people, and I will speak,Israel, and I will testify to you:I am God, your God. 8  I will not reprove you over your sacrifices,and I have your burnt-offerings constantly before me; 9  I will not take a steer out of your housenor he-goats out of your pens, 10  For all the wild things of the bush belong to me,beasts on mountains where thousands dwell. 11  I know all birds of the mountainsand have in my mind the insects of the fields. 12  If I should grow hungry I would not tell you,because I have the world and all that fills it. 13  Am I to eat bulls’ fleshand drink he-goats’ blood? 14  Make thanksgiving your sacrifice to Godand make good your vows to the Most High, 15  And call on me in a day of distress;I will rescue you and you shall glorify me. 16  What business of yours is it to tell off my usagesand take my covenant into your mouth 17  When yourself you hate lessonsand throw my words behind you, 18  If you see a thief you say amen to himand you are participant with adulterers, 19  You have put your mouth to vicious useand your tongue is hitching up fraud, 20  You sit talking about your brother,defaming your mother’s son? 21  These things you have done, and was I to keep silence?You imagined I was positively like you;I will arraign you and bring on the evidence before your eyes. 22  Understand this, forgetters of God,for fear I should make a pounce from which nobody would deliver you: 23  He who makes thanksgiving his sacrifice is paying me honor,and to him who holds to his course I will give the sight of God’s salvation.”