Psalm 116:1-19

116  I love Jehovah, because he hearsmy suppliant voice, 2  Because he has bent his ear to me,and through my lifetime I will call. 3  The cords of death have enclosed meand the grip of the grave has caught me;I encounter distress and sorrow; 4  But on Jehovah’s name I call:ah, Jehovah, bring my life through. 5  Kind is Jehovah, and true to the right,and our God is tenderhearted. 6  Jehovah watches over simple people;I was poor, and me he saves. 7  Come back to your resting, my soul,because Jehovah has done you a good turn. 8  For you have rescued my life from death,my eyes from tears, and my feet from losing their hold; 9  I am walking before Jehovahin the lands of the living. 10  I believe while I speak;I have had a very hard time, 11  I have thought in my alarm“All men are shamming”; 12  What return shall I make to Jehovahfor all his dealings with me? 13  I will lift a cup of salvationand proclaim Jehovah’s name, 14  Will discharge my vows to Jehovahin the presence of all his people. 15  Death for the men of his friendshipis a serious matter in Jehovah’s view. 16  Ah, Jehovah, for I am your servant,I am your servant, your bondwoman’s son,you have unfastened my fetters. 17  To you I will sacrifice a sacrifice of thanksgivingand proclaim Jehovah’s name, 18  Will discharge my vows to Jehovahin the presence of all his people, 19  In the courts of Jehovah’s house,within you, Jerusalem.