Psalm 76:1-12

(Of the Director; with string accompaniment; a psalm of Asaph’s; a song.) 76  Known in Judah is God,in Israel his name is great, 2  And he has his lodge in Salemand his dwelling in Sion. 3  There he broke quiver and bow,shield and sword and battalion. (Selah) 4  More grand and resplendent are youthan mountains of prey. 5  Men of warlike heart were despoiled, lay sound asleep,and not any stalwart men could find their hands. 6  At your rebuke, God of Jacob,chariot and pony were in a trance. 7  Fearful are you, and who will stand his ground before youin your moment of anger? 8  From heaven you proclaimed a sentence;earth feared and was still 9  When God stood up for judgmentto save all earth’s sufferers. (Selah) 10  For man’s rage pays homage to you,and the remnant from rage you gird up. 11  Vow and pay to your God Jehovah;all who live around him shall bring tribute to the Fearful. 12  He abates the spirits of potentates;he is fearful to the kings of earth.